German Foundation for World Population

Reporter Oct25,2020


Introduction & Background:

Deutsche Stiftung Weltbev├Âlkerung (DSW) is a global development organization that focuses on the needs and potential of the largest youth generation in history. We are committed to creating demand for and access to health information, services, supplies, and economic empowerment for youth. We achieve this by engaging in advocacy, capacity development, and reproductive health initiatives so that young people are empowered to lead healthy and self-determined lives. With our headquarters in Hannover, Germany, DSW operates two liaison offices in Berlin and Brussels, as well as maintaining a strong presence in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. In Uganda, DSW remains active through a local partner organization Action 4Health.

DSW Ethiopia has been working towards the advancement of the respect and protection of sexual reproductive health rights with a focus on the elimination of gender-related discrimination and inequality. This is reflected in the strategic plan and gender policy that affirms DSW’s commitment to reducing gender disparities within the organization and in the communities where we work, transforming gender relations, promoting women and girls’ empowerment & sexual reproductive rights, and to strengthen organizational systems and structures to achieve gender equality. Other important frameworks that are in place include whistleblowing policy and a code of conduct that binds all DSW staff in their conduct and in their interactions with each other, external customers, and beneficiaries.

DSW Ethiopia has planned to strengthen an internal capacity to increase knowledge and skills on SGBV, sexual harassment so that organizational policies and procedures in the prevention of sexual harassment and gender-based violence are implemented and ensure compliance with the set policies and guidelines and delivery of organizational objectives.

The organization has planned capacity building training for staff and youth empowerment centers in gender-based violence, especially sexual harassment. For this, the organization is seeking a consulting firm that will assess the gap, design, and deliver the training for the staff (55) and YEC (25) in three sessions for three days and develop monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

Training objective:

The main objective of the training is to facilitate DSW Ethiopia staff reflection on their personal attitudes and behaviors and community perceptions on sexual and gender-based violence and how these impact prevention of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the workplace. Additionally, the training will serve to strengthen the internal understanding and continuous implementation of DSW sexual harassment policy, code of conduct, and other relevant policies. Specifically, the training will;

1. build staff knowledge and understanding of gender-based violence and what constitutes sexual harassment in the local context

II. facilitate staff reflection and awareness on personal beliefs and behaviors and community attitudes and practices that may perpetuate sexual and gender-based violence within DSW and among DSW stakeholders

III. deepen staff understanding on organisational culture and practices for the prevention of sexual harassment and gender based violence in the work place and in our work with young people.

IV. Strengthen the capacity of DSW staff and youth empowerment centers to prevent SGBV and sexual harassment

Specific terms of reference;

The consultant will

I. Conduct a staff training needs assessment and submit a clear report highlighting the level of understanding and perception of gender-based violence and sexual harassment

II. Develop training content and training material for discussion and approval by DSW Ethiopia management team

III. Conduct modular training for DSW Ethiopia staff and YECs in three sessions

IV. Design tracking, monitoring, and reporting methods for the organization both at the organizational and community level in its operation areas

Scope and methodology

The training will be conducted in three sessions for DSW staff and one session for the YECs. During this period, the consultant(s) will conduct a training needs assessment of all… staff and develop a report detailing understanding of gender-based violence and awareness and understanding of sexual harassment. In addition, the report will flag out support areas; identify training topics as reflected, and agreed in the training, and conduct the training in different sessions.


The following are the expected deliverables.

i. Training needs assessment report for the staff

ii. Training manual/handout

iii. Training report with clear recommendations for onward support and improvement

Time frame

The consultant will undertake this assignment for a maximum period of two months split between training needs assessment, actual training, and report writing.

Qualification and Experience

  • The consultant/s should have a high level of expertise and experience in training materials development and provision of training on Gender-based violence and sexual harassment
  • The consultant should have a proven experience in participatory need assessment, designing training and participatory training methodologies on SGBV and sexual harassment
  • Minimum Master’s degree or higher academic qualification related to Gender development, Social science, Law, and the related field of study.
  • Knowledge of local traditional practices, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and response mechanism is important.

Payment and Terms of Payment

The consultant should submit a detailed budget breakdown for the activities in Ethiopian Birr.

Summary of cost and schedule of payment

1. The consultancy fee will be paid in ETB as to be agreed on the terms of payment

2. Payment will only be made against an invoice from the Consultant, showing their name, address valid TIN, VAT, renewed business license, and detail bank account number

Interested firms are invited to apply within 7 working days of the announcement. Submission of documents can be made through surface mail:

German Foundation for World Population (DSW)

P.O.Box 31217

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel. 0116 45 78 03 or 0116 47 94 15