Palace Administration

Ethiopian Herald Sep18,2020

Request for Expression of Interest 

Bid Reference Number:-PA/REO1/005//2013 E.C 

Subject: Joint Venture for Expansion of Horse Sport Recreational center and Administration 

  1. The FDRE Palace Administration established by proclamation 459/97 as one of the executive federal Body 
  2. Palace Administration has been exercising Horse Sport as usual recreational activities since the Monarchical era. Therefore, Horse Sport with regard to Palace Administration becomes a heritage sport with all its Horses and related facilities 
  3. Currently, Palace Administration is giving Horse Sports Recreational Service on his own plot of land of Area 9.2 hectare located around Ayat Condominium in Addis Ababa City, which is very accessible for any customers 
  4. The Administration established strong linkage with ancient noble blood established 13h century) and worldwide well-known Hanover Germany cell state stud of Horse Breeding Center, which is founded in 1735 by order of George II, King of Great Britain and assumed as a statement of the brand. 
  5. As a result, the Horse Sports Recreational Center has a scientifically recognized the capacity of breeding Horse by artificial insemination technique, which is the ” achievement in Ethiopia. 
  6. Taking into consideration, tangible and intangible assets (including goodwill of Historic Heritage and other points listed above) currently the Total Capital of the Recreational Center is estimated and valued about Six Billion ETB. 
  7. The Administration planned to develop the Recreational Center up to the high quality that meets the international level standard. 
  8. Therefore, the palace Administration invites interested domestic as well as foreign companies of satisfactory
  9. potential that comply with the criteria set for this REOI evaluation to make joint ventures with the Palace Administration to develop and administer the center. The share of the joint venture will be Palace Administration 51% and the rest 49% will be for the Competitors Company or investors. 
  10. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the open International Competitive Bidding Procedure contained in the public procurement proclamation of the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. (SBD-Works (ICB) – Prepared by the FPPA, August 2011) 
  11. Interested bidders can collect freely a complete set of REOI documents from the National Palace Head Office Found in the National Palace around ‘Filiwuha’. 
  12. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the Palace Administration found in National Palace around ‘Filiwuha’ through Telephone Number:-+251-115-15-78-85/+251-115-54 87 94 

The expression must be delivered to Palace Administration, Address written above, on or before -27, October 2020 at 2:00 PM (8:00hrs local Time) 

12. The Palace Administration reserves the right to accept or reject all or part of the bid. 

FDRE Palace Administration 

Addis Ababa