(For All Contractors of category GC/BC-8 & Above)

Farm Africa is an international non-governmental organization with a mission to reduce poverty permanently by unleashing African farmers’ abilities to grow their incomes while managing their natural resources sustainably and has been operating in different parts of Ethiopia since 1985 G.C.

Now, therefore, Farm Africa would like to invite capable and eligible Contractors to submit sealed bids for providing the necessary labor, materials, and equipment for the construction of – Shade at Kemissie Town. Oromo Nationality Zone, Amhara Regional State;

And interested contractors/bidders who fulfill the under-listed requirements may collect the bidding documents from our office as indicated below.

Minimum Requirements: – Bidders are required to be:

i. Legally registered as a Contractor with GC/BC-8 or above grades, and have renewed license for the current year;

ii. Registered with tax authorities, and should be able to produce valid documentation including copies of their tax clearance papers;

Bidding Instructions:

iii. The bid documents (including the technical specifications) can be collected from the Farm Africa Ethiopia office, located at Ethio Ceramic Bldg (located on the highway from megenagna to Gurd Shola before reaching Century Mall), 5th floor;

iv. Issuance of the bid document will stay active for the next Ten (10) consecutive days effective after the announcement of this bid; Interested bidders will be required to accompany their bids with a 2% bid guarantee/ bid-bond of the total offer in the form of Certified Cheque /CPO or Unconditional Bank Guarantee.

VI. Sealed Bids marked as “Bid For Construction of Shade” shall arrive at Farm Africa Ethiopia office on or before May 14, 2021 – 12:00 PM; and the opening event will be held in the presence of bidders and/or their official representatives who wish to attend the event.

vii. Bidders are required to bring their own CD-R for collection of the bid:

viii. Bids submitted by bidders who do not meet the aforementioned minimum requirements; and bids arriving later than the final submission date and time shall be rejected without further notice.

ix. Farm Africa reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

x.Request for clarifications/inquiries can be forwarded to the following address:

Farm Africa Ethiopia Office, Ethio Ceramic Bldg. 5th floor Tel. 011 5573325/17,

Fax. 011 557 3332, Addis Ababa