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Reporter Nov22,2020

Request for Expression of Interest

TO CONDUCT Feasibility Study and Detail Designs of Small-scale Irrigation Projects at Godbokol and Kole sites in Dollo Ado District, Liben Zone, Somali Region.

Farm Africa is an international charitable organization whose goal is to reduce poverty by enabling marginal African smallholder farmers and pastoralists to make sustainable improvements to their wellbeing through more effective management of natural resources.

Accordingly, in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP) and Mercy Corps, Farm Africa is implementing a project entitled “Innovative Approaches to Building Resilience for Refugees and Host Communities in Ethiopia (2018-2022): From Relief to Self-Reliance”.

This specific intervention is implemented in Dollo Ado and Bokolmanyo Woredas of Somali Region, Ethiopia through funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). The project is grounded up on solid development problems that include, but not  limited to: influx of refugees from neighbouring Somalia and associated impacts on host communities and on environmental resources; increasing frequency and intensity of hydro-meteorological hazards such as drought and flooding; land resources degradation; institutional and human capacity gaps; and limited access to land, markets, and marketing infrastructure. The consultant shall carry at least the following actícities.

The main objective of the project is to improve income and food security of host and refugee communities through innovative agricultural practices, natural resource management and market development and has the following outcomes.

  1. Refugees and host populations have increased food production at community and household level through better agricultural and pastoral productivity;
  2. Refugees and host populations have increased income and diversified livelihoods;
  3. Refugees and host communities have benefitted from improved household and community access to efficient markets, social behavior change and communication, and alternative energy value chain; and
  4. Refugees and host communities have benefitted from the establishment of an enabling environment through enhanced stakeholder coordination, institutional arrangements for land allocation, and financial access.


The objective of this consultancy service is to develop a detailed design of an irrigation scheme to enhance the utilization of the Genale River water resources that will improve agricultural productivity and livelihoods of host and refugee communities at Godbokol and Kole sites of Dollo Ado Woreda.

The consultant (S) shall carry out at least the following specific activities and other activities as explained in the comprehensive terms of reference:

  1. Carry out delineation of irrigable land based on accepted criteria;
  2. Carry out preparation of layout clearly indicating the canal and drainage networks;
  3. Design of proper irrigation and drainage system compatible with the local management system conditions
  4. Identify canal lining requirements using the inputs from engineering geology studies and mitigate in the design process;
  5. Carry out detail engineering design of the main irrigation system and drainage system (pumps and associated structures, main, secondary canals and furrow length and slope and related hydraulic structures) considering the size of service unit to be between 15 ha to 20 ha;
  6. Preparation of profiles of main and secondary canals at a specified scale including the canal and drain sections, sizing, lining type, division structures, and protecting structures, etc.;
  7. Review the actual evapo-transpiration, crop water requirement, irrigation demand duty using the existing and recent agronomic, climatologically and soil data based more appropriate and acceptable methodologies;
  8. Determine and estimate water application, conveyance and other losses, irrigation hours per day and irrigation efficiencies and consider those parameters in design steps;
  9.  If necessary, farm roads which will connect the project to the nearby road network and serve to give easy access to irrigation scheme, irrigation structures and all the irrigation command units;
  10.  Prepare general plans and drawings for all irrigation infrastructure and irrigation system designs to the standard quality:
  11. Prepare specifications and priced bill of quantities for the irrigation project.

Qualifications and Required Competencies of Consultant/firm:

Consultant are encouraged to develop their own methodology, staffing plan, level of effort and work approach to accomplish the TORs. The consultant shall have a track record in water resource management and hydraulic engineering, hydrology, economics  and project management, and shall have proven experience in design, construction and management of the hydraulic and irrigation scheme in Ethiopia. Staff to be engaged in this assignment shall have qualifications and/or experience in water resources science, hydraulic engineering (including design construction and management of irrigation canal  and water storage structure), river morphology and metro-hydrology or a related field. They should also have experience in implementing similar projects:

Team composition should include but not limited to irrigation engineer (team leader), surveyor, hydrologist, economist and GIS specialist. Team-leader should have master/bachelor’s degree and at least 10 year of experience in the required areas, and will play a role as the chief communication partner for the client and other external parties, to coordinate and manage the implementation of the assignment including all necessary personnel deployment, purchases, and project administration, to supervise the work of all team members and guide them as necessary, to carry out those tasks for which no professional specialist will be deployed, to manage the dialog and interface with primary  counterparts and the project team/coordinator, to compile and submit the deliverables stated above and ensure quality control and timely delivery of all deliverables. Other team members should have university degree and at least 5-year experience in the required areas respectively.

The Consulting firm is expected to be an experienced company in provision of professional services on irrigation and infrastructure-related design and supervision works, engineering survey, namely irrigation and water supply, roads and GIS. The Consulting firm will mobilize a core team of minimum of 2 surveyors, 1 irrigation engineers, 1 GIS expert with experience in irrigation scheme design, 1 Agricultural Economist, Rural Sociologist 1 Geologist, 1  Natural Resources and environmental specialist, 1 irrigation agronomist and field data collectors/enumerators may need to be mobilized by the Consultant for timely completion of the Contract.

Deadline and Submission of Documents:

  1. Interested bidders should collect the ToR document from our office or may also request via danielk@farmafrica gro; end gay submit their CVs and technical & financial proposals to our bidding email – on or before December 4, 2020 – COB.
  2. Proposals submitted by unqualified bidders; and those arriving later than the final submission date and time shall be rejected without further notice;
  3.  Farm Africa for this task reserve the right to accept or reject any or all the proposals;
  4. Any Request for clarifications/enquiries can be forwarded to danielk@farmafrica. org or using the following address:

Farm Africa Ethiopia Office Hussein Agraw Bldg. 6th floor, Kanzanchis,

adjacent to Enat Bank Tel. 011 557 3317, Fax- 011 557 3332.