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Ethiopian Herald Sep13,2020

Expression of Interest


NAME OF PROJECT- Government budget

Assignment Title: – Consultancy Service for Preliminary Design, Final Design Review, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration of Center for Education Information Communication Technology – Building Facilities

Reference No: – MOE/CICT/01/29/2013

A. Background of the Assignment

Overview of CEICT

Center for Educational ICT (CEICT), which is the organization within the Ministry of Educational currently with the national mandate to not only expand and integrate ICT in General Education, but also conduct research and development work to be able to use new and latest technology for General Education. Presently, CEICT is under the State Minister of General Education, CEICT started as independent institution in the early 1960’s as broadcasting agency focused on producing and broadcasting educational radio and television programs.

Today, CEICT has initiatives that are still centered on using radio and television technologies for delivering educational content to primary and secondary schools although there is a recognition and effort to utilize new and latest ICT tools.

CEICT’s main activities today include the production of curriculum based educational materials for Educational Satellite Television Program and also the Interactive Radio Program (IRT) programs for primary schools.

Bellows are some of the major services and activities carried out by CEICT

A. Educational Satellite Television Programs

CEICT’s flagship program is the Satellite Television Educational Program that is launched as part of the national School Net Initiative in 2004. Today, CEICT broadcasts 1981 television

programs for selected topic areas of 10 subjects for grades 9-12. This program is integrated to the daily school schedule.

Educational Radio Program (Primary Schools)

CEICT also develops an English subject Interactive Radio Program (IRI) for primary schools (grades 1-8). While the English language program is developed centrally at CEICT, the responsibility of broadcasting and developing programs for other subject areas is assumed by the Regional Educational Bureaus. Currently there are 13 radio stations and digital recording studios in almost all the regions for developing and broadcasting educational radio programs.

Therefore, each region has the facility to produce radio educational radio programs for almost any subject area.

For both the television and radio program initiative, each regional educational bureau is responsible for ensuring proper implementation and utilization while CEICT provides technical training, support and conducts ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

B. Digitization of educational contents

CEICT started a project to digitize all of the television programs as part of a larger initiative to make the programs available to teachers and students on demand instead of only broadcasting it through the television. As part of the program. The idea is the local server will  be connected to a central server located at CEICT facility to download the latest digitalized programs locally so it can be accessed by students and teachers in the computer lab.

At present more than 1000 secondary schools are connected to the internet and each other using the existing Ethio-Telecom terrestrial network of ADSL and having for both data and internet . The connectivity will be expanded to the other schools within the coming years. We have already School Net, so that we will have a dedicated network for the schools. There is also connectivity between the schools and the central data center found at the center. Considering these resources, the Ministry of Education would like to renovate the existing  buildings at center by considering all the aforementioned services to delivering a better and modern way to the customers.

B. Scope of the Consultancy Services Required (After Tender Award)

The Scope of consultancy service required includes the following:

1.prelimnary Design Proposal

Required Disciplines

  • 1.1. Site Civil and Landscaping,
  • 1.2. Architectural,
  • 1.3. Structural,
  • 1.4. Plumbing & Fire,
  • 1.5. Electrical & IT,
  • 1.6. BMS and
  • 1.7. HVAC

* Reuired Deliverables

  1. Drawings
  2. Design Report (All Disciplines Report + Geotechnical Investigation Report)
  3. Bill of Quantity
  4. Book of Standards
  5. Technical Specification
  6. Employer’s Requirements
  7.  Design-Build Tender Document

2. Tender Document Preparation and Process Facilitation

  • The consultant is required to submit all required tender documents within the specified timeline for the tender floating.
  • The consultant is also required to facilitate bid processing and documentation of all procedures all as per the Federal Government Procurement Directive,
  • The consultant is also required to produce and submit the draft contract agreement between the employer and the winning D-B Contractor to be submitted both in hard copy and soft copy.

3. Final Design Review

Conduct a series of Final Design Review on the submittals of the D-B Contractor, and report review findings on each series of revisions.

The consultant is required to endorse the final set of drawings for construction work execution.

4. Construction Supervision and Contract Administration

  •  The consultant is required to disburse the responsibility of the Engineer under FIDIC Plant Design-Build Contract 1″ Edition, 1999.
  • The consultant is also required to deploy all the required professional on site to supervise and report progress on a monthly basis. Reporting requirements shall be set out by the employer.

Author control supervisors report shall be submitted as an independent annex

N.B- Bidders Shall Take Detail Schedule of Accommodation and Technical Qualification Criteria Document from Procurement Service and Administration Directorate, old building, 2nd floor, during office hours 8.30 up to 12.30 and AM and from 1.30-5.00 PM.

The Ministry of Education now invites eligible CEA – Category – 1 Consultancy firm to submit their EXPRESSION OF INTERSEST to provide the Services. Interested Consultancy firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the objective stated.

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours 8:30 up to 12:30 and AM and from 1:30-5:00 PM.

The deadline for the receipt of Expressions of interest is September29/2020, 10:00AM.

Expressions of interest is must be delivered to the address below.

Ministry of Education

Attention; Wro Shewalem Mare Seid

Procurement Service and Administration Directorate Director

Room No. 107 Old Building

P.O.Box: 1367

Tel: +251-11-8-72-28-96

Fax: +251-11-1570686


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia