Ethiopian Red Cross Oranization

Ethiopian Herald Jun13,2020


All local eligible Consulting forms Category IV and above who have Trade Licenses and Consultancy Service certificates valid for year 2012 E.C. and Valid Registration Certificate from concerned issuing body are kindly invited to the Competition and advised to: 

  1.  Submit sealed bid of G+3 multipurpose building seat on area of 750m2 design proposal to be built in North Shewa, in Fiche town. 
  2. Purchase complete set of bidding document upon payment of nonrefundable fee of birr 1000 to ERCS, Oromia National Regional Brach, Tel 0114405983 located at Saris – Adey Abeba
  3. Obtain further information from the address mentioned above. 
  4. Visit the site envisaged for the design and acquire necessary reconnaissance. 
  5. Submit bids to the aforementioned office, within 30 calendar days of the announcement of this bid in the newspapers.
  6. Attend Bids opening ceremony on the 31st date of this bid announcement at 2:30 pm, at the same address and if the date is a holyday on the next working date at 2:30pm. 
  7. Provide 2% of offered contract price bid security in form of cash, CPO or Bank guarantee addressed to the above mentioned office valid for ninety calendar days or as mentioned in bid document. ERCS, Oromia Regional Branch has the right to reject any or all bids. 


Oromia National Regional Branch Office 

Tel 0114405983 Finfinne