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Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMA)

Reporter Dec16,2020





Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMWA) was established in 1992. The primary goal of the organization is to contribute towards the reduction of maternal, neonatal, and child morbidity and mortality and improve quality, of reproductive health services at the grassroots level in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Midwives Association /EMWA/ would like to invite eligible and reputable companies /bidders to bid for vehicle rental and provision of related transportation services for a duration of at least one year.

Interested Bidders who wish to submit their bid proposal should have the following and all other relevant documents should be included in the Technical Proposal:

  • a) The Company should be licensed for such works and registered with concerned Government Authorities and have valid legal requirements (Renewed Business License, Tax Identification (TIN) & VAT certificate).
  • b) The Company should have at least three years of experience in car rental and related business and should provide at least three testimonies from its current and / or past clients.
  • c) The Company should have at least ten Vehicles (20 vehicles registered by the name of the company out of which ten vehicles should be model L/C105 and/or Mark 2) and other additional vehicles contracted (support by evidence)
  • d) The company should provide product of after 2002-2005 year for 105 and after 2005 to present year for other vehicles.
  • e) Ownership certificate (Libre) showing list of vehicles with plate numbers, type of vehicle, loading capacity, year of manufacture, etc.
  • f) The Company should assign an appropriate contact person to liaise with EMWA
  • g) Vehicles should be fitted with basic safety facilities such as: Air conditioner (AC), seat belt for each passengers, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.
  • h) Vehicles should have comprehensive and third party insurance coverage.
  • i) Each type of vehicle should be in a good condition, recent year of manufacture and equipped with at least one spare wheel all the time.
  • j) Road worthiness annual certification by Ethiopian Transport Authority (if any)
  • k) A company who provides vehicles with the year of production earlier than the above stated year of production, will be rejected from the bid


Application procedure /How to apply:

  • The Technical & Financial proposals should be sealed by separate envelope ONE Original and ONE Copy enclosed in one outer Envelope by mentioning the title: “Original Financial Proposal and Copy Financial Proposal” & “Original Technical Proposal and Copy Technical Proposal”.
  • The financial proposal should be submitted in detail separately in local currency (ETB) including taxes and other related costs.
  • The detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) is available at EMWA’s head office during working hours Monday through Friday and interested bidders shall use the ToR as a guideline.
  • Interested bidders can get bid document from EMWA head Office Reception by paying 200 birrs and can submit their bid proposals from Monday to Friday at 8:30 am – 12:30 pm & afternoon 1:30pm – 5:30pm to EMWA’s Head Office Reception around Haya Hulet, on the way to Lem Hotel, Equatorial  Guinea Road, behind Meklit building or Elsa Kollo, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia till Friday, November 09, in the afternoon at 3:30p.m. For further information, please contact our office through Tel: +251 116 18 92 75.

Note: – The bid will be closed on 3:20pm and opened at 3:30pm in the afternoon on Friday, December 25, 2020 at EMWA’s Office in the presence of bidders (only Technical Proposal will be opened). EMWA reserves the right to cancel, to accept or reject the entire or partial part of this bid. The result will be posted on EMWA internal notice board and it will be opened for claims for five consecutive working days.