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Ethiopian Construction Design & Supervision Works Corporation

Reporter Dec13,2020



A. Introduction

Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWCo.) is going to transform and diversify from the current consultancy business operations. Taking advantage of the existing ECDSWCo.’s strength and maximizing on the newly emerging external opportunities that are being prevalent with the shifts in Ethiopian Economic Policy – the Corporation is aiming to play a significant role in the success of the Ethiopian Construction Industry -by creating a vibrant business institution that will not only fill the gap that is in the current construction industry but also replace the need for having international construction companies that are dominating the government mega-scale projects.

To this, the Corporation is emerging as an Engineering and Investment Group. The proposed name of the Group is “Ethiopian Engineering and Investment Group (EEIG)”. The Group will comprise of three main operational business units i.e., Consultancy, Construction, and Investment.

EEIG-Consultancy business will take after the existing services – that provides study, surveying, design, construction supervision, and contract administration services in the water, building and urban development, road and transport infrastructures; surveying, geospatial and civil informatics, laboratory, research, and training services and expand it onto a higher scale by partial privatization – by selling shares to both local and international firms.

EEIG-Construction business unit key activities will be high-end complex construction projects, predominately high-rise commercial and residential buildings, real-estate; infrastructure (roads, railways, and airports) & water and energy sector construction, EEIG- Construction will also setup related business units that will complement its core construction activities this related business will include Piling, underground and foundation Works, Fit-Out, Energy (Solar Solutions), Electro-Mechanical Solution, Facility Management, Landscape, and Construction Materials Production.

EEIG Construction will be launched with the vision of being the best construction company in Ethiopia with a strategy of timeously executing high-end complex projects, by utilizing proactive management skills as a design and build contractor in order to achieve an optimum return and aspiring to be a competitive and preferred choice that can replace the current dependence on international contractors and deliver excellence.

EEIG Construction will uphold courage, integrity, reliability, value for its people and innovation as its core values.

EEIG-Investment business unit will be investing in manufacturing (like production of plastic bottling), agroindustry (such as a cut flower), become an independent power producer (by investing in building hydropower dams), and other investment ventures in maximizing the government policy towards public-private partnership (PPP).

B. Objectives

To kickstart its a new era in a new set-up, the group would like to re-branding itself and is looking for a creative individual, a group, or an established firm to design its Logo

The objective of the re-branding effort is to find a unique, original, simple and expressive Logo out of a design competition. The winning design of the Logo will be used to brand the new group and enhance its visibility to ensure recognition.

As is the experience, to acquire the best outcome and encourage a strong ideation phase, the Corporation would like to hold a design competition for its new Logo. The design competition will be administered by the Association of Ethiopian Architects (AEA).

C. Terms and Conditions

  1.  Participants can be individuals, a team, or a registered firm.
  2. The Logo is required to be the iconographic logo. (i.e., should include an icon with the name by its side and presented as below)

Icon                 Name


3. The Icon of the logo will be one for all formats

4. Competitors are expected to send the logo in the following four formats:-

  • a. For the EEIG – Corporate office
  • Tagline – Construction | Consultancy | Investment b.
  • For the EEIG Construction Business unit
  • Tagline – Construction

C. For the EEIG Consultancy Business unit

  • Tagline – Consultancy

d. For the EEIG Investment Business unit

  • Tagline – Investment

5. The logo should metaphorically reflect the history of the corporation (that its foundation is a consultancy business that merged from three separate public enterprises) and also reflect the ambitious future growth it aspires on to being the best construction company in Ethiopia and its future Investment plans.

6. The Logo should fit to represent the Construction, the Consultancy and the Investments Business Units.

7. As there are different related business units -planned to be formed under EEIG that complements the core activities of the Group; the logo should be simple and flexible to be modified in the future with minor variations of color.

8. Each part of the entry should be an original design.

D. Submission standards

  1. The participant, group, or firm can only submit one design entry.
  2. The last date of submission is by December 25, 2020.
  3. The Logo should be comprised of a maximum of 3 colors.
  4. The Logo should be presented in its full-Color Appearance.
  5. The submission should be strictly fitted in the presentation format
  6. The registration for competition will be online via this link: https://docs .google.com/ forms/d/1 CrM JidBVXuEhuwE6 TefF0_XpsA4ZKXACQWY9JiWX88/edit
  7. Presentation format: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jsYwg 7DA4 996Xu kTiJ2YN 1J5uz 54 9LOH  /view?usp=shari ng
  8. 8. Presentation should include
  • 1-page PDF of the logo with the design concept.
  • A rational in a maximum of 200 words in English to describe the concept, theme, and symbolic elements.

9. The submission should look clean (not pixelated or bitmapped) when viewed on-screen at 100%.

10. Submissions should be emailed to eeiglogodesign@gmail.com

E. Disqualification

  1. Any entry submitted after the deadline will automatically be disqualified.
  2. An entry that resembles, is a copy or adaptation of an existing design will automatically be disqualified.
  3. An Imprinted or watermarked logo will automatically be disqualified.
  4. An entry in breach of violation of any copyright or other rights of third parties will automatically be disqualified.

F. Adjudication process

  1. The Jury will consider all design requirements put forth by the corporation in the process of adjudication.
  2. The winner will be announced within 5 working days from the final date of submission.
  3. The Jury reserves the right to use any subjective criteria it chooses in selecting a winner.
  4. The Jury’s decision is final and binding.
  5. Only the winner will be receiving a prize with a value of Birr 25,000 (Twenty-Five thousand Birr Only).

G. Disclaimer

  1. The Corporation does not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries regardless of the reason. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Unless you receive a confirmation of receipt within an hour via the email address you sent it through, please re-confirm.
  2. No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.
  3. This is an open call to any and every capable designer without discrimination to Sex, Race, Religion, Disability, Profession, or any unique circumstance.
  4. The competition may be canceled at the sole discretion of the Corporation for any reason and at any time.
  5. Competitors will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this competition.
  6. If an entry is not selected as the winner, ownership of the design, and all intellectual property rights in such design will revert back to the designer/s.
  7. The winning Logo will be the intellectual property of the corporation, will be registered as a trademark of the corporation, and will be legally owned by the Corporation to be used as seen fit.
  8. The corporation reserves the right of modifying and altering the contents of the Logo in color, font, or arrangement as seen fit once the prize money is awarded to the winner.
  9. The Corporation will use the Logo as an identifier in any and every branding it deems necessary.