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Request for Expression of interest (consulting Service – International Individual consultant)

(Consulting Service – Internal 

Country: Ethiopia 

Title: Electro Mechanical Engineer 

Assignment: Waste Water Treatment process Design approval and Supervision Works Reference No. : ECDSW/IC/02/2020 

Ethiopian Construction Design  and Supervision Works Corporation, water and Energy Design and Supervision Works sector, engaged in the feasibility study, tender document preparation and construction supervision in Addis Ababa decentralized waste water treatment plant, is interested in hiring of the International Individual Consultant (Electro Mechanical Engineer) for the waste water treatment process design approval and supervision works for the feasibility study, tender document preparation and construction supervision of Bole Arabsa decentralized waste water treatment. 


The Expatriate consultant has two major scopes of works and responsibilities, these are: 

  • A. Design revision and approval 
  • B. Construction Supervision and Contract administration 

Design Review and Approval 

  • The Expatriate consultant will employ international and national methods and techniques to verify the data collection, engineering surveys, and site investigation that ensures data quality and integrity of electromechanical works, 
  • The Expatriate consultant will review the DBO contractors design principle and criteria based on the employer’s requirement, specification, and relevant national and international standards and accepted engineering practices. 
  • The consultant is responsible to assure conformity of the electro-mechanical designs with the design of other components of the treatments plant. 
  • The Expatriate consultant will review, give corrections and/or suggestions and approval as required of the design philosophy: reliability of performance, operability, flexibility, and safety of the wastewater treatment process and plant including calculations and modeling results in accordance with the conditions of the contract and recognized best modern practice. 
  • Carries out relevant activities directly related to the project’s Electro mechanical activities. 
  • Has to train and transfer skill to client’s and the project in his area of services. 

Construction Supervision 

The Expatriate consultant with the other team members supervise all the works to be executed by the contractor(s) under the terms of the construction contract to ensure that all equipment, materials, workmanship, and executed works strictly comply with the design specifications, technical specification, conditions of the contract and applicable standards and practices of the contract. The Contract document defines the technical, legal, environmental, financial, and other requirements of the project for this purpose. The Expatriate consultant writes the right prescription at the right time to ensure healthy construction contract and maximize the benefits of all the contract parties. The consultant shall strictly follow the procedures established for construction supervision in the execution of the consultancy service. The Expatriate consultant should create good collaboration with the other experts of the supervision team of the construction projectscoordination office all the time in the course of the contract. 

Required qualification and experience 

Qualification: Bsc or Msc in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related field of study from recognized university/college/institute Experience:At least 15year experience in international development projects with focus on waste water related projects out of this 5 years specific experience in feasibility study, design and construction supervision of waste water projects. 

The Contract Duration 

The Contract time is six month with possible extension. 

Further information including Terms of Reference can be obtained at the address below during office hours from 8:00AM to 12:30 and 1:30 PM to 5:00PM time from Monday to Thursday, and from 8: AM to 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to 5:00PM on Friday. Expression of interest must be delivered in two copies (1 original and 1 Copy) to the address below on or before 15 May 2020 at 10:00AM (Morning). 


The Ethiopian Construction Design and 

Supervision Works Corporation 

Procurement Team Leader, ECDSWC-Block 1, 

Floor No.4, Corporate Service Office 

Megenanga to Bole Road, in front of former 

Imperial Hotel, next to Public Enterprise 

Holding and Administration Agency Tel. N. + 

251118720722, Fax N. +251 0 11-6 6 5371 

P.O. Box. 2561, Addis Ababa Ethiopia