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Bid No.: ECA01/2012

The Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA) is an association of Ethiopian cities that is legally registered and licensed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Agency forCivil Society Organizations. Established in 2009, the association has the objective of enhancing the institutional as well as human capacity of its member cities through the creation of platforms for knowledge exchange and peer learning. Along with its objective, the ECA has so far implemented various interventions which are geared towards developing cities’ capacities which in turn, bring-in improvement in the quality of life of their inhabitants.

Ethiopian Cities Association is seeking for competent and reliable consultants to review and update the existing finance systems and procedures in line with international public sector accounting standards (IPSAS).

Job Requirement

Requirements and documents that need to be submitted with the proposals are:

•           Renewed business registration certificate, TAX clearance certificate and VAT registration certificate.

•           The Consulting Firm must at least have10 Years of experience in the field of financial accounting and accounting in the public/ private sector

•           ToR will be available for 10 consecutive working days starting from the announcement date, 8:30 AM-05:00PM.

•           Ethiopia Cities Association reserves the right to reject all or part of the bids.

Detailed hardcopy for terms of reference for the consultancy service can be bought for 200 birr from Ethiopian Cities Association Secretariat located around Goma Quteba area Federal Housing Corporation Branch One office, Addis Ababa.