Engineering Corporation of Oromia

Ethiopian Herald Sep4,2020

Request for Announcement of International Consultancy Vacancy

Engineering Corporation of Oromia (formerly known as Oromia Water Works Design & Supervision Enterprise) has currently undertaken the country’s biggest media building empire here in the capital city of Ethiopia; Addis Ababa. The media building complex is a 2B+G+ 11 floors building with state-of-the-art media technology system having 9 TV studios and 7 Radio Stations with the latest media technology

Now Engineering Corporation of Oromia seeks qualified and capable consultancy firms who can perform design and construction supervision of Television and radio broadcasting studios accompanied with integral technical rooms. The design works mainly encompasses studio interior design, Media and broadcast system design, Media Acoustics/Sound design, Media Lighting design, IT System design.

Media consulting firms who have plenty of experience in the design of media broadcasting studios can request the bidding documents (Terms of Reference, Building architectural drawings) through writing on our email address, or  commencing from September 5, 2020. Bidders are requested to submit their technical and financial proposal on the companies email address  or  or in-person to the under mentioned address.

The Proposals has to be submitted according to the details stated on the Terms of Reference attached on the company’s website. Bids have to be submitted on or before September 30, 2020 to the address mentioned above.

Accordingly, we would like to request your good office to declare our need aforementioned on the media which has International & National coverage and websites in order to obtain the qualified and capable experts.

Address: – Engineering Corporation of Oromia

Attn: to: – Mr. Birhanu Tesfaye

Tel:- +251-913 378547

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia