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Engender Health Ethiopia

Reporter Dec10,2020

Call for consultancy on Video and photo Documentation

Engender Health is seeking proposals from qualified organizations or firms to conduct video and photo documentation of its projects implemented in different parts of the country.

Interested applicants expected to collect the TOR from Engender health head office and submit separate proposal for the call.

The following is a summary of the parameters and key steps during the process. Applicants are advised to carefully review and comprehensively respond to and integrate the relevant portions of the ToR in their proposal submissions. Proposals not meeting the ToR requirements will not be considered.

The final date for proposal submission will be December 19, 2020; outlining exact availabil ity in line with the approximate timeline.

The expression of interest should contain: (a) a technical proposal and (b) cost proposal, comprising:

A. Technical Proposal

The technical proposal should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Detailed plans and methods to fulfill the TOR
  • Details of organizational capacity to undertake the video and photo documentation assignment and previous relevant work, including at least 3 recent references with contact information
  • Names and backgrounds of key personnel responsible for the project (including CVs);
  • Details of any component of the ToR that would be subcontracted to another organization, and
  • Up to date CV of the consultant
  • A detailed work-plan based on all key dates put forth in the TOR.

B. Cost Proposal

A list of all expenses expected to be incurred by the consultant

The cost proposal spreadsheet should be in Excel, provide detailed costs for each line item, explain all unit costs and assumptions, and be accompanied by a detailed budget narrative. The following cost categories should be used in the cost application:

  • i. Personnel. A description of all personnel to be charged to the contract, including percent Level of Effort (LOE).
  • ii. Travel. Break down by purpose and to include number of people, duration, and per diems. Vehicle rental should also be budgeted in this category.
  • iii. Equipment Durable equipment necessary to carry out  the TOR. All equipment should be clearly described and justified in terms of quantity and purpose.
  • iv. Supplies. Consumable supplies necessary to carry out the TOR. All supplies should be clearly described and justified in terms of quantity and purpose.
  • V. Contractual. Describe and justify any consultants (non-employees) or subcontracted activities under the TOR.
  • Also include here any training costs by category, and include separate details for each training activity in the budget narrative or a separate tab on Excel as follows:
  • vi. Total Costs. The sum of all line items

Selection criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee of EH based on the following:

  • Quality, clarity and completeness in relation to the TOR;
  • Organizational expertise in technical and operational aspects of census and/or sample surveys;
  • Success undertaking similar work;
  • Experience and capacity of key personnel; and
  • Cost efficiency

Engenderhealth office, Ethiopia:

Office Phone: 0116630833

Address: Engender health

P.O. Box: 1110 code 1110

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Physical address: Djibouti Avenue (around Adey Abeba international

stadium), in front of Abegaz Tower,