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Education Development Trust (Ed Dev Trust)

The Reporter Aug15,2020


Education Development Trust (Ed Dev Trust) is intending to recruit an experienced consulting company or institution that will conduct a thematic study on Demand and Supply of Teachers’ Strategy Projection study in education sector in Ethiopia

Education Development Trust is an education charity that exists to transform lives by improving education around the world. We work collaboratively with national and local governments, schools, and other partners to design and deliver sustainable solutions to improve education.

Ed Dev Trust is implementing DFID funded TARGET project (which stands for Technical Assistance to Reinforce General Education Quality Improvement Programme for Equity, GEQIP-E) in Ethiopia Since August 2019, through providing targeted Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Education at Federal, Regional, Woreda and school levels.

Ed Dev Trust is intending to recruit an experienced consultant that will undertake to develop a staff development strategy to meet the needs of the sector at all levels. The assignment is expected to design a strategy integrated with technology that can respond to the demand and supply issues; develop long term automated teachers projection software; establish digitalized and accurate teacher information management system (TMIS); design suitable approaches and strategies that can help to effectively attract, train, deploy and motivate quality teachers in the Education system; Identify appropriate options for the development of the teaching workforce and retention of quality teachers in the Education system of the country; etc.

The desired consultancy should possess legal entity with proven experience in related assignments in the education sector. Interested firms/institutions are expected to provide comprehensive information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services including a description of similar assignments done and experience in similar conditions. Applicants are highly encouraged to from joint ventures or partnerships to include expertise from different organizations, including consultancy firms, research centres, and Universities.

Interested applicants can request the Terms of Reference (ToR) by sending a request to etprocu reme nf@educationdeve/opmenftrust.com. All proposals must be submitted by 5:00pm August 29,2020 to the same email address. Please use the following format for the email subject line: Demand and Supply of Teachers’ Strategy Projection. All proposals must be submitted in electronic format.