Education Development Center (EDC)

Reporter Oct11,2020

Request for Quotations for the Procurement of

Broadcast Airtime Radio in Seven (7) Regions


In support of the USAID-funded READ || Project, Education Development Center (EDC) seeks to have a contract agreement with one or more broadcast companies or radio stations for airtime to radio broadcast a radio drama series in seven regions (Addis Ababa, Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, Sidama, Somali, and Tigray). The radio program is a 13-episode radio drama in seven languages (Amharic, Afan-Oromo, Wolliaytta, Hadiyyssa, Sidamu-Afoo, Af-Somali, and Tigrinya) of up to 35 minutes each, on gender and genderbased violence (GBV). Each episode will air twice (2X) in one week, for a total of 13 consecutive weeks. To read the full bid document, please request via email at READI] The bid document will be made available to solicitors on Monday, October 12, 2020. Final submission of quotes is due on October 22, 2020.