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Ethiopian Herald Jan15,2021

Inviting external auditor

Our organization, an international NGO, working in social, health, educational sectors invites external auditors to make an agreement with us to conduct IPSAS audit reports for 3 years from 2020-2022.

The auditor should fulfill the following requirements and conditions.

  1. Renewed license for 2013 EC with attaching a copy of receipt paid for renewal.
  2. Certificate of professional competence
  3. Tin number
  4. The auditor shall visit at least one of our centers.
  5. The competitors should submit their quotation by separate “original” and “copy” of the financial and technical documents within 10 working consecutive days after this advertisement and clothe at 5:30 PM
  6. The bid will be opened the next day of the due date at 10:00 AM
  7. The competitors shall provide a quotation for 3 years.
  8. Selection will be based on cumulative 3 years of quotation and professional competency.
  9. The winner should enter an agreement within one day of official confirmation.
  10. The winner shall submit the draft report at most within 10 working days from signing an agreement.

Those who are interested shall submit their quotations with a sealed envelope to

Direct Aid

Bole Gerji, Beside Kadisco Hospital

House no. New, Addis Ababa

Contact numbers 011 639 42 47/46