Dire Dawa Administration Custom and Revenue Authority

Addis Zemen Nov11,2020

Invitation to Bid Notices (NCB)

Proc. Ref/No: 001/13

Dire Dawa Administration, Revenue Authority invites all eligible bidders of Upgrade Data Centre, service and Application Development.

  1. The Dire Dawa Administration Revenue Authority has fund with procurement entity budget to be used for the procurement of Tax and information technology, expansion.
  2. All eligible bidders should present from the mandated public body:
    • Renewed Trade license for the year 2012 in the stream of the business sector match with the bid
    • Supplier certificate of registration
    • Renewed Professional certificate of registration
    • Tin and VAT-registration certificate —
  3.  Interested eligible bidder may obtain further information from Dire Dawa Administration, Revenue Authority office and inspect the bidding document during office hours i.e. 1:30-6:00 AM and 8:00-11:30 PM local time from the Address stated below. No.(10)
  4. The bidding document has been floated for 15 days from the date of publishing the notice with NEWSPAPER. A complete set of bid documents may be purchased by any interested bidders at the address stated below (No. 10) upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of Birr 200 in cash.
  5. Bidders are advised to read the instruction to bidders before filling in their bids
  6. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the form of unconditional Bank Guarantee, certified payment order (CPO) or cash amounting to Ethiopian Birr 30,000. Bid bonds in any other form shall not be acceptable. Bid bond should be in a separate envelope and be submitted along with bid document.
  7. The document should be sent by a sealed envelope one original and one copy under one envelope.
  8. No liability will be accepted for loss or any late delivery.
  9. The bid must be delivered to the address below on (25/03/2013) at or before the bid will be closed at (3:30AM) and will be opened in the presence of bidders and their official representatives who wish to attend at 4:00AM at local time on the same date in the address below (No. 10).
  10.  The Revenues Authority has the full right to accept or reject the bid.
  11. Address:

Dire Dawa Administration

Kebele 03 Administration Office, room no 17

Telephone No. 0911940161/0251112397

Post No. 1398

Dire Dawa Administration, Revenue Authority