Development Expertise Centre (DEC)

Reporter Dec27,2020

Development Expertise Center

Invitation for Bid

Development Expertise Center (DEC) is a nonprofit, indigenous Civil Society Organization (CSO) established to contribute towards the national development efforts through integrated, decentralized and sustainable program interventions.DEC aspires to see all children equally developed and empowered. The organization has three major program areas; Child Development, Gender and Life Skill Development and Skills and Entrepreneurship Development at three National Regional States of Amhara, Afar and Oromia and one City Administration.DEC’s overall operations are managed from one coordination office located in Addis Ababa.

In line with the above mission and objectives in partnership with its donor UNICEF, DEC wants to:

  1. Procure Constriction Materials for construction of school blocks and latrine in Berahalle districts of Afar Region.

Hence, DEC invites all interested & eligible bidders that are qualified, technically competent and have valid license for the current Ethiopian FY 2013 to Supply the Constriction Materials.

Bidders can collect bid documents and submit a set of bidding documents in English for the aforementioned activities from DEC Aysaita Program Area Office in working days & hours from December 27, 2020 to January 02, 2021.

Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend at 10:30 AM January 03, 2021, at Aysaita Area Office.

The Development Expertise Center reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Note that:

a. Late applying bids will not be accepted

b. Bidders should have a valid and renewed valid license for the year.

c. Bidders should mention the number of days required to deliver the materials.

d. Bidders should indicate whether the price includes or excludes VAT.

Address: Aysaita Program Area Office, Aysaita town, next to Aysaita District Education

Office, Tel. 033 55 50 142, Berhale Field Office