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Catholic Organization for Relief & development Aid/Cordaid

Reporter Oct18,2020


1. Project Overview

Cordaid in consortium with Trócaire with the financial supports the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency(EACEA), under the EU Aid Volunteer initiative of the European Commission, is implementing the project entitled: “Strengthening the Capacity of Local Organizations to Respond Effectively Emergencies (SCORE)” The main objective of the project is promoting a leading role for local actors in humanitarian response by strengthening the capacity of local CSOs to respond effectively to crises since 1st January 2019.

2. Purpose of the TOR

The purpose of the assignment is to contract a consulting firm/team of experts who will provide quality checks on existing systems and capacity and coach on the applicability of digital data collection for SCORE project partners(RACIDA, APDA, APCA, OPA, and Agri service).

3. Methodology

The contracted expert/consultant team will undertake a brief assessment of capacity and system on SCORE partners based on the contents of the digital data collection training, which was delivered for partners of the SCORE Project. The potential support areas will be:

  • Identify gaps in partners’ capacity and system and provide recommendations for effective implementation of DD as per the training provided in September 2020. Provide hands-on coaching for SCORE partners in their effort to equip themselves with the necessary equipment, software, and skill necessary to effectively use DD tools.
  • Understand the current database system availed within humanitarian partners in the market and its challenges in meeting the needs of the supply and demand-side actors(partners and donors).
  • Improve the existing database system by tailoring or derive new digital platforms to increase access for up to date information about the market demand.
  • Make sure the compatibility of the programs on the digital data collection tools and the static database system. This would help to simplify the works and smoothly transfer/share information from the data collection tools to the database.

4. Expected Outputs/Deliverables

The Consultant will produce:

  • Detailed gap assessment report for each partner and work plan/schedule on the mentoring or coaching supports.
  • Capacity/system assessment report on each partner and proposed database and digital data collection systems.
  • Tailored installed platforms/systems/data collection tools and methodologies to be used.
  • Submit Reports on the technical and coaching supports provided.

5. Qualifications/experience required

We are looking for a consultant/expert groups with:

  • Demonstrated experience similar assignments, in particular relating to digital data collection tools application, and application and use of database system.
  • Proven record of providing technical supports to a range of private or public organizations or partners.The fair ration of gender/ gender inclusion
  • COVID 19 sensitive strategies to conduct the assignment. Strong analytical, writing, and communication skills.Ability to devote enough time to this assignment and meet deadlines.
  • The desirable experience will be knowledge of working with the Cordaid, Trócaire, and member of Caritas International.

6. Application Process

Interested candidates should submit proposals (both technical and financial) in-person to Cordaid Office Logistics team around bole homes near to Genet Chefe grocery before or on October 26, 2020, at 4:00 pm. Interested applicants must request for full TOR with the subject “Digital Data Collection” to procurementET@cordaid.org