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Cordaid Ethiopia

Reporter Nov1,2020






1. Project Overview

Cordaid in consortium with Trócaire with the financial supports the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), under the EU Aid Volunteer initiative of the European Commission, is implementing the project entitled: “Strengthening the Capacity of Local Organizations to Respond Effectively in Emergencies (SCORE)” The main objective of the project is promoting a leading role for local actors in humanitarian response by strengthening the capacity of local CSOs to respond effectively to crises since 1st  January 2019.

2. Purpose of the TOR

The purpose of the assignment is to contract a consulting firm/ team of experts who will provide a quality check on the system, documentation, and practice of conducting humanitarian need assessment (HNA) as well as coach SCORE project partners by supporting them to fill identified gaps against the standards set during HNA training.

3. Methodology

The contracted expert/consultant team will work with humanitarian program and MEL team to assess humanitarian need assessment system, identify gaps and provide necessary support in order to improve the quality of HNA in line with universally accepted tools and standards. The potential support areas will focus on system and tools for HNA used during:

  1. Planning of Humanitarian Need Assessment
  2. Conduction of the Assessment
  3. Communicating Assessment findings

Expected Outputs/Deliverables

The Consultant will produce:

  • Separate service reports: the Consultant will produce a separate report(one per partner) (no more than 15 pages) plus appendices, in Microsoft Word using Arial font 12). The report is expected to include:
  • An inside page which shows project title, ID number, country. name of a local partner, name of the person compiling the mentoring or coaching service report.
  • Executive Summary (1A4 page maximum).
  • Achievement(key service/supports provided for each partner).
  • Challenges observed and the way addressed(during the mentoring sessions).

    Recommendations that focus on areas that need further technical supports(per partner).

5. Qualifications/experience required


We are looking for a consultant/consultancy firm with experience of working on humanitarian partners’ particularly on conduction or mentoring of humanitarian need assessments in Ethiopia. The consultant should have:

  • Advanced knowledge of Ethiopia humanitarian operations with the focus on conduction of situational or need assessments, or baseline survey.
  • Proven record of providing mentorship and Coaching services on Humanitarian need assessments.
  • Having COVID 19 sensitive strategies to conduct the assignment
  •  Having strong analytical, writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to devote enough time to this assignment and meet deadlines.
  • Having good English language skills (both writing and speaking)

6. Application Process

Interested candidates should submit proposal(both technical and financial) in person to Cordaid Office Logistics team around bole homes near to Genet Chefe grocery before or on November 13 2020, 12:00 AM. Interested applicants must request for full ToR with subject “SCORE” to procurementET@cordaid.org.