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UNICEF Ethiopia, ዩኒሴፍ ኢትዮጵያ, http://www.unicef.org/ethiopia/




1.   Do the developed scripts require actors? If so how many actors?


Response – Not so many actors. For TV spot on breast feeding it will be supported by pictures and real people acting ( like COVID virus, breastfeeding mother , washing hands and wearing face mask ) will be displayed while a voice reads out the message. For the TV spot on adult nutrition , it will be supported with picture and real people acting ( like COVID virus, diversified foods, vegetables, fruits, people drinking water, food safety & sweet food minimize) will be displayed while a voice reads out the message  


2.       On the ToR the total deliveries are 24 TV and Radio spots, My question is, are we producing only the 4 TV and radio spots in Amharic and then translating and dubbing into Oromifa, Tigirigna, Somali, Afar &Nuer languages OR are we supposed to film and record for each the above-mentioned languages?


Response – The total spots are 12 TV spots and 12 Radio spots. For regions which has same culture you can do dubbing and for other you will need to do region specific once


3.       Do we have to travel to the regions in order to film and record the spots? 

Response – No need of traveling

      4.       In the document there is no Financial Proposal template. Are we allowed to use our own format to submit the financial proposal?


Response – Yes, there is no template. Please feel free to use your own template

5.             5.    According to the media plan that is provided in the document should we include the placement fee for all the media channels? 

Response – If you are asking about air time fee ? yes , you are expected to coordinate and cover airtime cost for broadcasting the produced spots through the mapped out media channels

6.               6.    Could an NGO, that basis its work on the production of such materials, participate in the bid?

Response – If regulation of Ethiopian Government, based on the license you have, allows you to participate in the BID process, you can participate.