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Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM)

The Daily Monitor Dec1,2020


Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) is an international Christian Disability and Inclusive Development Organization, committed to improving the quality of lives of persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability in the poorest countries of the world.

Services required

To provide comprehensive IT services to CBM Ethiopia Country Office.

The Firm will be required to provide the following IT services to the CBM:

  1.  All specific IT equipment shall be inspected on weekly basis and repaired as a result of inspection outcome, as prescribed in the owner’s maintenance manual published by the manufacturer of each piece of equipment and as advised by the CBM AFE Regional Hub IT officer
  2. . Periodic preventive maintenance to all available Machines and equipment including servers, internal and external networks on the basis of the weekly inspection outcome. The Firm shall respond to any of CBM requests for emergency repairs within two hours of receiving such a request from CBM via phone, fax, email, or another communication method to which the parties may agree.
  3. The Firm shall ensure that all services provided under the terms of this contract are performed by trained and certified personnel. The Firm warrants that all personnel provided to perform work on the Contracting Authority’s equipment is legally eligible to work in Ethiopia; and that the ContractedFirm complies with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the services provided to the Contracting Authority
  4. . The Contracted Firm shall provide monthly periodic IT status reports to CBM and to the CBM AFE Regional IT officer.
  5. The Firm shall ensure adherence to the set CBM’s security checks, procedures, and protocol while in the premises of CBM.
  6. The Firm will ensure compliance with Safeguarding principles, as stated in the CBM Safeguarding Policy.
  7. The Firm will ensure compliance with fundamental principles linked to anti-corruption and prevention of fraud. Any evidence of non-compliance will lead to the cancellation of the service agreement.
  8. The Contracted Firm will ensure that all activities conducted within the scope of work CBM comply with the IT and data protection principles.

Qualified and interested Consultancy Firms, which fulfill the following criteria, are invited to participate in the bid.

  1. The Firm should provide a TIN certificate, renewed Business License, and VAT certificate.
  2. The Firm must have solid and proven experience in similar services.
  3. Bid Quotation and time to complete the service should be presented and specified.

Application Procedures:

Expression of Interest (EOI) should be emailed to info.ethiopia@cbm.org before close of business on 14th December 2020.

Kindly note that only applicants who meet the specified qualifications will be considered for interview. CBM will ask for references of previous work during the selection process. The CO ETH will review all applications and conduct interviews by 31st of December and award a contract as of the 1st of January 2021.