Cher-Cher Oda Bultum Farmers Cooperatives Union

Reporter Aug12,2020

Invitation for Consultancy Service:

Provision of advisory service to Chercher Oda Bultum union for setting up of Animal Feed processing plant

Cher-Cher Oda Bultum Farmers Cooperatives Union started with 62 primary cooperatives in 2005. Its main areas of service are input and output marketing. Currently, the Union has 128 primary cooperatives and it is constantly looking for new ways to improve the value to its members. Initiatives are taken around feed concentrate, improving the productivity of cows via artificial insemination, coffee roasting, and dairy processing, empowering females to the decision-making position and engaging the youth to the cooperatives. Currently, 43,576 farmers are connected to the Union. The business case that the union presented to Agriterra for collaboration is dairy business development in which case the Union is planning to improve the income from members’ milk production by collecting and processing the milk and selling it in nearby and distant urban markets. However, at this moment Agriterra looking the priority project activity with union and focusing on Establishing animal Feed Processing plant before the dairy processing. As the result animal feed processing plant feasibility study was conducted in 2019 and validated by the stakeholders for next implementation steps.

The animal feed processing plant aims at producing concentrated feeds (mash and pellet) for dairy and fattening purposes. Such feed can be prepared from oil cakes, agro-residues, flour mill by – products, cereals, molasses, minerals and vitamins etc. The actual realizable capacity of the project is 120,000 quintals in running the plant for 20 hours a day for 300 days per year leaving the remaining four hours for cleaning, cooling and maintenance purposes.

The union would like to invite eligible bidders for provision of advisory service to the union on establishing animal feed processing plant. Therefore, interested bidders may participate in this bid with due consideration of the following requirements:

Required documents and Competency of the consulting firm should meet the following points:

  • Renewed business License for the current Ethiopian year,
  • Copy of consultancy service license,
  • Confirmations/Clearance for paying tax obligations
  • Copy of TIN (Tax identification Number), VAT registration certificates
  • Letter of support from other similar organization to machinery purchase and installation advisory service provision (for those attaching support letter- Experience with similar is highly appreciated.
  • N.B there will be validation workshop discussion on the international bid document prepared by the consultant.

 Application guidelines:

  • Bidders should submit their offers technical and financial proposals, separately as stated in the bid document and must be accompanied by a bid security of 30% of the advisory service amount in the form of C.P.O or certified Cheque.
  • The detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) for the consultancy service can be collected from CHERCHER ODABultum MULTIPURPOSE FARMERS COOPERATIVE UNION sub office Mecsico, K.kare Building 5th  floor, 514
  • Clarification/enquires can be forwarded to the following contact address: 0936007200 OR 0937368912, 0944249371. For the hard copy or soft copy you can collect from the union office at Finfinnee or send email to
  • It is prohibited for any bidder to quote a bid price depending on price quoted by any other bidder.
  • It is also prohibited for two affiliated consulting companies to bid separately.
  • CHERCHER MPFCU reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids thereof.
  • All bids must be submitted within the next 10 working days, effective after the announcement date of this bid.
  • The Bid document will be closed at 10th day of 5:30 pm and opened in on 11th day @2:30 pm in Bedessa town union office. If there is any change on the opening date of the document Bidders will be informed.
  • Clarification query can be forwarded to the above listed addresses.