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Reporter Jun14,2020


Centers for International Programs, Inc (CIP) 


P.O. Box 5566 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Tel. (+251-11) 4674476, Fax. (+251-11) 4674554 

Centers for International Programs Inc. (ICAP at Columbia University in Ethiopia), hereinafter called CIP, is a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization working in Ethiopia since 2007. 

CIP hereby invites professional auditors to submit their sealed bids for the audit of its accounts for the year ended Sene 30, 2012 on a “fixed-price” basis. 

The complete set of bid documents and terms of reference is enclosed herewith. 

Bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes and be delivered to: Centers for International Programs, Inc Post Office Box 5566 Addis Ababa or by hand to: Reception Centers for International Programs, Inc Debrezit Road, Lancha, next to Concorde Hotel Tel.: 251-114674476, Fax 251-114674554 Addis Ababa to arrive prior to 4:00 p.m. on June 26, 2020. 

Envelopes for Technical Proposals received will be opened at 4:00 P.M. on June 26 in the presence of bidders or their representatives. Envelopes for Financial Proposals will be opened after evaluation of the Technical Proposals. 

Upon request, potential bidders will be given the opportunity to see CIP’s system of recordkeeping in order to be able to make an informed bid. Selection will be on the basis of “best-value.” CIP reserves the right to reject any or all of the bids and to waive irregularities.CIP is an equal opportunity employer. We invite all qualified audit firms to bid on this tender. 


Information about the Prospective Client 

CIP is the Ethiopian office of Columbia University, Mailman School of Public health HIV/AIDS program called ICAP. CIP is registered with the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Agency as a Foreign Charitable Organization. 

Currently, CIP is providing technical assistance for capacity building to the Federal Ministry of Health & regional health bureaus to ensure comprehensive, quality and sustainable HIV care and treatment and also supports the design and implementation of comprehensive and family centered HIV/AIDS programs in Gambella. 

CIP is also working on improving quality of malaria laboratory diagnosis and monitoring services. 

ICAP Ethiopia projects are funded by CDC and USAID. In addition to its main office in Addis Ababa, CIP has Eight regional offices at Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa & Oromia regional office), Bahir Dar (Amhara Regional Office), Hawassa (Southern Regional Office), Semera (Afar Regional Office), Mekele (Tigrai Regional Office), Gambela (Gambela Regional Office), Assosa (Beneshangul Gumuz Regional Office). Bank accounts are maintained at Head Office only. Petty cash and Revolving fund are established at Regional Offices and work on replenishment basis. 

CIP has recently adopted the IFRS/IPSAS according to the Proclamation CIP’s first financial report on IPSAS (Cash Basis) report was issued last year. CIP has an approximate annual off-site expenditure of ETB 355,542,976 (three hundred fifty five million five hundred forty two thousand nine hundred seventy six birr only) and estimated on-site inter-billing costs/ expenses of ETB 30,000,000 (Thirty million birr only). The number of transactions for this year is estimated to be 321 box files (219 box files for Check/Cash Payment vouchers, 86 Journal Vouchers, 12 Petty cash vouchers, and 04 Cash receipt vouchers). 

All materials and supplies (e.g., computers, duplicating, etc.) are to be furnished by the auditing firm. All the major documentation and data are found in the Addis Ababa head office. In consultation with CIP, the audit firm shall decide whether it is necessary to send auditors to the regional offices. (Costs for possible travel are not to be included in the financial proposal.) 

Invitation to bidders 

You are invited to submit a proposal to conduct an audit of CIP’s finances for the period July 8, 2019 to July 7, 2020. Your proposal should be submitted in two separate envelopes: one for your technical proposal and one for your financial proposal. The proposal of the apparent successful bidder will set grounds for future negotiation and contracts between that firm and CIP. 

To enable you to submit a proposal, please find enclosed: GO This bid document  A format for a curriculum vitae, to be filled by bidders for each of their professional staff members who are expected to take part in the audit process. 

Instruction to bidders 

3.1 Objectives 

The objective of this tender is to have the accounts of CIP for the budget year running from July 8, 2019 to July 7, 2020 audited in accordance with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). Our intention is to award this contract on a “fixed-price” basis. 

3.2 Eligible bidders 

This solicitation is open to any duly licensed auditing firm in Ethiopia which appears on the lists of acceptable auditing firms maintained by the Civil Society Organizations Agency and by USAID/CDC Ethiopia. As part of their Technical Proposals, bidders are required to attach as annexes copies of their: 

a) Certificate of Professional Competence issued by the Office of the Auditor General; 

b) Renewed Trade License with payment certificate of profit tax for the 2012 E.C. Budget year; 

3.3 Expected completion time 

CIP anticipates that the assignment will be completed within 30 (Thirty) calendar days from signing of the contractual agreement. 

4. Preparation and Submission of the Proposal 

The proposal consists of two parts: a Technical Proposal and a Cost Proposal. Each part shall be placed in a separate sealed package marked with the name of the offeror and labelled “Audit Services Technical” or “Audit Services – Financial,” as appropriate. (If desired, both sealed packages can be enclosed within a larger single package.) To be considered, proposals must be received at the office or post office box of CIP prior to the time and date listed in the cover letter. Both the Technical Proposal and the Financial Proposal shall contain a letter of offer signed by an authorized individual that also indicates the names and contact information for individuals authorized to negotiate on behalf of the firm. 

At the place, on the day and at the time specified in the cover letter, 

CIP’s Evaluation Committee shall open the envelopes containing the tenderers’ technical proposals, withdrawal notices and amendments. The name of the tenderers and any amendment or notices of withdrawal shall be read out aloud. Note shall be taken of any statements made during the session. 

4.1 Preparation of the Technical Proposal 

Proposals will be evaluated according to the criteria in this bid document, and therefore the Technical Proposal for bids to be submitted by the bidders should include the following information. 

A brief description of the Firm, including its organizational set-up. financial status, manpower, etc.; 

OA discussion of work done for similar clients, with a list of current references; 

The methodology to be employed, the work plan, and the structure of the auditing team to be used to execute the assignment; The composition of the team of personnel which the bidder will provide and the tasks and the duration of work to be assigned to each member; 

Curricula vitae of each individual professional staff member to be assigned for the work and of the senior officer who will be responsible for supervision of the team. The curricula vitae should follow the format attached herewith, duly signed by the concerned personnel; 

Estimate of the total level of effort anticipated for the services, prepared in the form of a chart, showing the person-days for each expert; The anticipated commencement date and the number of calendar days to complete the work; 

Note: The Technical Proposal shall make no reference to prices. 

4.2 Preparation of the Financial Proposal 

All prices should be quoted in Ethiopian birt. 

CIP intends to make this award on a “fixed-cost” basis and bidders should prepare their financial proposals on this basis. However, should a bidder feel that a different basis might be more mutually advantageous; it is welcome to submit a financial proposal, enclosed in the same envelope, prepared on the alternative basis. Financial proposals shall be built on the level of Effort chart showing the daily rates and totals for each person, professional and support, proposed to provide services under this solicitation. Bidders shall not include any costs for travel, since any travel will be negotiated following selection of the audit firm. The sheet containing the summary of costs shall be signed and dated by an authorized individual. 

Bidders shall submit their offers together with a bid bond in the form of certified check by a bank (CPO). The bid bond shall be 1% of bid price before VAT quoted for the same audit service. This bid bond will be returned to unsuccessful bidders. Bidders are requested (but not required) to enclose a sample or draft Letter of Engagement with their financial proposal. 

5. Tender Validity 

Tenders shall remain bound by their tenders for a period of 45 days starting from the closing date for the submission of the tenders. Any change to a tender during this period (Financial, Personnel proposals, etc.) may disqualify the tender concerned, at the sole discretion of Centers for International Programs, Inc. Bidders are responsible for identifying the scope of work and for preparing their bids accordingly. If no contract is awarded during this period, CIP reserves the right to terminate the procedure and issue a new invitation to tender in its sole discretion. 

6. Bid Evaluation and Award 

Evaluation and award will be based on the Firm’s experience, adequacy of proposed work plan and key personnel (i.e., the technical evaluation) and its offer (i.e., the financial evaluation). A two-stage procedure will be adopted for evaluation of the proposals, with the technical proposal opened and compared first. Selection will be based on a “best-value” basis. Only firms whose technical proposals score 70% or above will be considered for the financial evaluations. The financial proposals for firms scoring below 70% on their technical proposals will be returned unopened. 

6.1 The Technical Proposal 

Technical proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria: 

a) The Firm’s organizational adequacy, professional reputations and general experience in the field of assignment (20%): 

b) Past performance references (10%); 

c) The adequacy and quality of the proposed approach, methodology, understanding of the service required, work plan (completion time and program) and staff schedule (40%); 

d) The qualification and competence of the personnel proposed for the services to be undertaken and the Firm’s ability to perform the assignment with its own personnel (30%) 

Proposed personnel will be rated generally in accordance with the following: 

  • 1/ General qualifications (15 points)
  • 2) Proficiency and experience, particularly with clients similar to CIP (15 points) 

6.2 Financial Evaluation 

Only bidders whose technical proposals reach the minimum score of 70% will receive further consideration. The financial proposals for other bidders will be returned unopened. 

Proposed costs will be reviewed for reasonableness. Please note that CIP is not necessarily bound by any of the firms submitting proposals. Further, as quality is the principal selection criterion, selection will be based on the principle of “best value,” and CIP does not bind itself in any way to select the firm offering the lowest price. 

6.3 Overall Evaluation 

The total score shall be obtained by weighting the technical evaluation and price scores and adding them. 

  • The weight for the technical evaluation shall be 70%
  • The weight for price shall constitute 30%. 

The firm obtaining the highest total score shall be invited for negotiations. If the negotiations fail to result in a mutually acceptable contract, CIP shall terminate the negotiations and invite the next ranked firm for negotiation. Once negotiations with a subsequent bidder had started, CIP shall not re-open negotiation with earlier bidder(s). 

After negotiations are successfully completed, CIP shall promptly notify the other firms that they were unsuccessful. Centers for International Programs, Inc reserves the right to reject any or all offers. 



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