Care Ethiopia

Reporter Nov1,2020

Invitation to Bid

CARE Ethiopia would like to invite bidders in the Water supply project. The work including the supply, transport, installation of Solar panels, commissioning, and testing of Solar system hybrid With Existing Generators in two woredas namely Dilo Omore project site and Dire Woreda Madhacho project site in of Oromia region Borena zone. Two sites Motorized schemes pump and Generator is functional. The new activity is only to supply and installs appropriate solar panels. RSI Inverter, support structure, and other necessary accessories and hybrid using change over switch with the existing motorized system in the two sites. The solar system should run the Existing installed and functional submersible pump. Madhacho site installable pump specification Caprari, 26KW, IP68, Type MAC635/2A-9, and 50HZ. Omore site installed pump specification, 30KW. Pompe Zanni See- Land. Type N6X490/36. For more information collect the technical documentation from the office

All bidders must enclose a bid document with a sealed technical and financial documents in a separate envelopes and submit to CARE Ethiopia country office located in Addis Ababa, Hayahulet Mazoria, Behind Lex Plaza Building, Near Ha Geez Restaurant on or before November 9, 2020, until 10:00 Local time.

The supplier should have good understanding and preferably business experience in past similar work in trade and provision of quality Solar system hybrid With Existing Generator.

Each respective bidder is required to attach legal, relevant to the required task and renewed trade licenses. Bids submitted in any other manner or to furnish all information required may result in rejection of bid by the assigned bid committee members.

CARE Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

For any clarification request please call 0116183294