Camara Education Ethiopia

Reporter Jan13,2021

Tender for Supply of Computer Display cable

CAMARA EDUCATION ETHIOPIA is an Irish based charity with the objective to reduce poverty through the enhancement of the quality of education delivery via the medium of ICT equipment, ongoing training of teachers, educational materials and support. Camara Education Ethiopia has a three year agreement with the Ministry of Education (Ethiopia) to provide 21,000 computers to around 840 schools and train a minimum of 5,040 teachers and 535,540 in ICT and pedagogy. Camara requires the following computer Item

Item name


Display cable for desktop

computers or Display vs HDMI cable(once side

Display cable and other side HDMI)


All quotes from vendors must include:

  • ┬áRenewed trade License and certificate.
  • Tin# certificate
  • VAT certificate/If there’s
  • Pro-forma selling price.
  • Delivery date.

Notice:- Tenders should submit their quote in 4 working days after this post.

If you seek more information, please contact our technical team>Kidanu 0911-93-26-17 or Bereket 0912-35-94-69.

Note: fast delivery date has an advantage Please submit your quote on the address below. Lideta sub city, around balacha hospital, Dama House 3rd floor #304