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Reporter Nov1,2020

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Amref Health Africa, the largest African led international organization on the continent, provides training and health services to over 30 countries in Africa. Founded in 1957 as the Flying Doctors of East Africa to bring critical health services to remote communities. Amrel Health Africa now delivers preventative, community-based health care. With a focus on women and children, Amref Health Africa manages a full range of medical and public health programs tackling the most critical health challenges facing country focusing on three key programmatic areas: Reproductive. Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (RMNCH); Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Communicable and Non- communicable Diseases. Gender and human resources for health are crosscutting, reflected throughout the organization’s health portfolio. Our organization also engages in clinical outreach interventions and emergency programs including nutrition and resilience building of affected the continent matemal and child care, HIV & TB, malaria, clean water and sanitation and surgical and clinical outreach

Amref Health Africa partners with the Government of Elhiopia and local stakeholders to implement a diversified health project portfolios throughout the communities. In 2017. Our programs supported 174 districts, 390 health facilities and 27 health science institutions, reaching 1.6 million beneficiaries, 29,654 health professionals and 17.792 health extension workers and health development agents.

Amref Health Africa has projects in Addis Ababa, Afar, Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella, Oromia, SNNP, Ethiopia Somali regions and nationwide health systems strengthening interventions focusing the capacity building of the National Health Extension Program

  1. Amref Health Africa is going to do the supply and Installation of Solar power for water supply in Gambela Region, Abol Kebele.
  2.  Supplier Licensed in Solar importer are eligible to participate. The License should Valid for the Year
  3. The bid document can be purchased by interested bidders during office hour (Monday to Thursday 8:00Am to 5:00PM and Friday 8:30AM to 1:00 PM) upon submission of a written application accompanied with required legal licences at the place of registration to the Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia Country Office A.A up on payment of a non-refundable fee ETB 150 (One Hundred fifty birr) by depositing to Amref health Africa Bank account: Wegagen bank /Shala branch/ Account number: 0075992910104, Account name: Amref health Africa, And bidder should present the bank advice with copy of renewed trade license, Tax Clearance Certificate, and VAT Registration Certificate is a must.
  4.  with a complete set of contract document which is going to be signed with the winner contractor after the evaluation of the bid.
  5. Bidders may obtain further information from Amref Health Africa, in Ethiopia, Country Office, and Addis Ababa. P.O.Box 20855 code 1000 Tele. 0116630541
  6. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of 1% valid for 90 days, of total submitted cost in an acceptable Unconditional Bank Guarantee or CPO from known bank/company must be submitted on or before 10:00am on Nov 11, 2013,G.C in Amref Health Africa, Ethiopia, Country office A.A. Bidder or their representative can be present during bid opening on Nov 11, 2020 at 10:30 am in Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia Country Office AA
  7.  Bids documents will be filled all necessary information & returned to Amref Health Africa Country office.
  8. The bidder shall seal the original and copy of the bid in separate envelopes, duly marking the envelopes as “ORIGINAL” and “COPY” as appropriate, and forward both to the Employer. A separate sealed envelope marked “BID BOND” carrying the supplier’s Bid security should be included in the envelope carrying the original financial document,
  9. All the complete works (supply and installation of solar with all accessories) shall be completed with a maximum of 30 calendar days from the commencement of works. Bidders who have materials in their stock will have a highest priority to win.
  10. 1 The aforementioned Office reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids

ADDRESS: Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia, Country


ADDRESS: P.O.Box 20855 code 1000

Bole Sub city woreda 03, House no: 2310, behind Bole

Medhaniyalem Church or beside “Abysiniya building