Amahara Region Culture and Tourism Bureau

Be'kur Nov30,2020


To all Architectural and Engineering Consultants of Category & above whose License is valid for the Year 2013 E.C.

Amhara National Regional state Cultural, Tourism Bureau Mulualem Cultural Center. Invites sealed bid for the provision of design, specification preparation, and Consultancy Services for supervision & Contract administration of The Amhara National Regional State Cultural, Tourism Bureau Mulualem Cultural Center, Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information Amhara National Regional State Cultural, tourism bureau Mulualem Cultural Center. Tel 058 226 5342 Fax 058 226 5389 Bahir Dar

1. Tender Document may be obtained by any interested eligible bidder on the submission of a written application to Amhara National Regional State Cultural, Tourism Bureau Mulualem Cultural Center, and upon non-refundable Payment of Birr 200 During the official working hours upon presentation of a certificate of registration on the service providers and currently renewed license.

2. Wax-sealed bid documents (one original and one copy) shall be delivered for both prequalification (Technical) and priced (Financial) document separately. All bid must to delivered to mulualem cultural center 

  • 3. Tel 058 226 5342 Fax 0582265389at 21/03/13 before12/04/13 E.C at 4:00 local time
  • 4. Prequalification(Technical) and price (financial) document shall be in separate sealed envelopes and must be accompanied by a bid security in an acceptable form to of 2% of the total bid amount separate envelope. Pre-qualification (technical) documents will be opened in the presence of bidder’s representatives who choose to attend of 12/04/13 E.C at 4:30 local time at the office of Amhara National Regional State Cultural, Tourism Bureau Mulualme Cultural Center.
  • 5. In room No 05 at Bahir Dar
  • 6. Rejection Criteria:- The employer will reject the bidder whose bid does not fulfill the following conditions.
  • 1. Bidders should attach/present a currently renewed Trade license renewed certificate of competence for Consultancy perceptional & renewed Registration Certificate to the technical document.
  • 2. Bidders should submit one original & one-copy for both Technical and financial documents in a separately sealed envelope.
  • 7. Bidders must present a certificate of VAT registration
  • 8. The successful bidder shall furnish Professional indemnity insurance.
  • 9. The Employer reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
  • 10. The financial proposal fills with the Form F2 otherwise reject the bids.