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Ethiopian Herald Jan13,2021

Invitation to re-bid for international competitive bidders For Design, Build, and Operation

BID (Amhara National Regional State Industry Park Development Corporation( Procurement, number, BIDAIPDC/CB/W/05/01/2021, January 2021)

  1. Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) Industrial parks Development Corporation (IPDC) hereby invites all interested and eligible bidders for Design, Build, and operation of Bure Integrated Agro-Industry Park (BIAIP) wastewater treatment plant.
  2. The eligible bidders are:- In the case of Ethiopian bidders, trading License for General Contractor, Waterworks contractor, or Wastewater Contractor Grade-One renewed for 2013 Ethiopian Fiscal year. Registration in the FPPA’s Suppliers List and its tax clearance a certificate which states that the bidder is eligible to participate in a public tender. In case of bidders other than Ethiopians: business organization registration certificate and Trade License of Grade-One in the stream issued by the country of establishment.
  3. The individual or firm in a joint venture, consortium or association shall be jointly and severally liable for the execution of the contract.
  4. The works comprising the design, supply, construction, commissioning and operation of a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for Bure Integrated. Agra Industry Park (BIAIP) and provide a training service for the client staffs as per contract agreement.The project is to be understood as a Design. Build and operation (DBO) of wastewater treatment of Bure Integrated agro Industry Park.
  5.  The bid document can be obtained by any interested and eligible bidders on the submission of a written application to: ANRS Industrial parks Development Corporation; procurement finance and property administration Directorate at Bahirdar city administration Dagmawi Minilik sub city Aregawian building 2nd-floor office number 9 upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 1500( one thousand five hundred birrs) on cash to whom all inquires and correspondence within 45 calendar days from the first date of advertisement at working hours(from Monday to Friday).
  6. All Design, build and operate contractors are required to submit the amount of the Bid security shall be 500,000 ETB (Five Hundred Thousand Birr).The bid security shall be in the form of: An unconditional Bank Guarantee, An irrevocable Letter of Credit, Check Certified by a reputable bank or financial institution, or a payable order: All from a reputable source from any eligible country. Securities issued by foreign banks or financial institutions shall be counter guaranteed by an Ethiopian bank. The bid security shall be valid at least for 150 days.
  7. Sealed Bid document or All sealed offers should be submitted to ANRS Industrial parks Development Corporation; procurement finance and property administration Directorate on or before 45 calendar days starting from the first date of advertisement at 2:00 PM(GMT+3).
  8.  The bid will be opened in ANRS Industrial parks Development Corporation at 45th calendar day starting from firs date of advertisement at 2:30 PM(GMT+3) in the presence of bidders or their representatives. If the opening date lies on a non-working day, it will be shifted to the next working day at the same time. When the name of bidders and the amount of their bids will be declared, Bidders are advised to attend the opening of bids.
  9. The ANRS industry parks Development Corporation reserves the right to accept or reject all or any part of the bid without assigning/giving any reason thereof.

Address: Bahir Dar, Kebele 14/Dagimawi

Minilik/, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Street Address: Addis Ababa to Bahir Dar Road, nearest to BenMas Hotel, Commonly called as Aregawiyan Building At 2nd floor

Telephone: Landline:+251-258-320-4230/052-320-47-67

Fax: (+251)258-320-22-23

FB: Amhara industry parks Development Corporation

Contact person: Yeshambel Zelek


ANRS Industrial parks Development Corporation