African Network for Prevention and Protection of Children Against Maltreatment and Neglect (ANPPCA)

Reporter Jan27,2021


African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) – Ethiopia is a national Civil Society Organization registered with the Agency of Civil Society Organizations under Registration Number 0385.

ANPPCAN-Ethiopia in partnership with Plan International Ethiopia is implementing a project entitled “My Choice for My Life” in Gaungua, Ayehu Gugsa and Benja Woredas of Awi Zone of Amhara Regional State.

ANPPCAN – Ethiopia would like to invite interested Medias and consultants to produce and broadcast Serial Radio Program and Radio Spots focusing on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Gender Equality and Child Protection so as to help the public raise their awareness.

Interested media firms and consultants who have proven experience and valid license can collect the TOR from the National Office of ANPPCAN-Ethiopia using the following address:


Next to Athletics Federation Building (4th Floor)

Yeka Subcity, Woreda 9

Tel. 0115 50 52 02

Addis Ababa