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Addis Capital Goods Finance Business Sh.Co

Addis Zemen Dec3,2020

Invitation to External Auditors

Addis capital goods finance business S.Co offers both hire purchase and financial lease service to micro and small enterprises and medium level operator’s enterprises. It is looking for an eligible audit firm for the auditing of its financial operation.

The purpose of auditing is to conduct the financial and performance activities of the company to ascertain compliance with IFRS for the coming three consecutive years beginning from 2021-2023 G.C.

Qualification of the auditing firm

1.1. Have experience auditing financial institution

1.2. Have qualified and adequate audit team/staff

1.3. Indicate the time span they require to complete auditing the accounts of the Company by IFRS

1.4. Quote the amount of their auditing charge

1.5.State the kind and extent of pre and post-audit consultancy service they can are willing to provide the testimonies to Addis Capital Goods Finance business S.Co

1.6. Submit the profile of their audit firms and registration by Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia(AABE)

1.7. Produce evidence that they certify the audit grade level they were given by the AABE

1.8.Submit evidence of payment of all current government taxes

1.9. A complete set of bidding documents in English maybe purchased by any interested and eligible bidders upon payments of a non-refundable fee of 200(two hundred) birr from the first date of publication of this notice on Addis Zemen newspaper The payment will be in cash.

Technical proposal

  • Firm establishment
  • Staff profile
  • Details of the audit team
  • Experience (MFIs, bank experience, and other financial institutions & other organizations), lease finance companies IFRS experience is preferable Financial proposal

1.10. All bidders must be accompanied 7,000(seven thousand) birr in the form of CPO.

1.11 Addis capital goods finance business S.Co reserves the right to reject the bid.

1.12. The audit firm is expected to submit in sealed envelope Technical and Financial Proposal separately on and before the closing date.

1.13. The bid shall be closed on 18/12/2020 G.C 2:00 PM and opened on the same date at 2:30 pm with the presence of bidders or their representatives.

Address Piazza Churchill road around Tewodros

square Addis Credit and saving Share company

building 5th floor, for further information tell

phone no. 0118276805/ 0111262411/0111262445/ 0111263888.