Adama Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise

Ethiopian Herald Dec22,2020

Invitation to Bid


Adama Water Supply and Sewerage Service Enterprise (AWSSSE) would like to invite;

  1. Eligible bidders for the supply of materials and services listed in Lots below for AWSSSE.
  2. Bid is open to all eligible bidders having supplier renewed license, those currently registered by Ministry of Trade and Industry, Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) together with sealed bid and written application.
  3. The purchase in short comprises of Lot 1: Water  Meter, Lot 2: Dry Car Rent and Lot 3: Employee Uniform.
  4. Bidding documents and additional copies may be purchased at Adama Water Supply and Sewerage Service Enterprise Adama, Ethiopia (P.O.Box 55, Tel. +251-22 111 44 39,251-910117515 Room No 16) for a non-refundable fee of Ethiopian Birr Three hundred (300).
  5. Bidders must obtain registration for category of suppliers with valid license for the 2012/2013 E.C year.
  6. Starting from the first date of announcement of the bid on the HERALD newspaper, it will be remain on air for 15 (Fifteen) consecutive days. The bid will be open on the 16th day if it is working day unless it must post pone to the next working day.
  7. Bidders must submit the tender questionnaire and bid offer in separate envelop in duplicate machine copy labeled original and copy.
  8. Bidders must meet the minimum qualification criteria in the tender questionnaire for the award of contracts.
  9. Bids shall be valid for the period of thirty (30) days after bid opened and must be accompanied by bid security of not less than 1% of the contact price in the form of bank guarantee, and CPO, shall be delivered to Adama Water Supply and Sewerage Service Enterprise Room No 16, on or before the opening date of the bid up to 8:00 local time and will be opened on at 8:30 local time at the presence of bidders or their legal representative who wish to attend at the office of Adama Water Supply and Sewerage Service  Enterprise.
  10. Electronic bidding (Email & Web site application) will not be permitted.
  11. The Adama Water Supply and Sewerage Service Enterprise reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids.
  12. Bids will be selected using quality and cost based selection (QCBS) method. Interested bidders may obtain further information at the address below during the office hours: from 08:30 to 12:30.

Adama Water Supply and Sewerage Service Enterprise

Attention: Assefa Ej eta, Mob. 251-910117515

Room No: 16.

City: Adama