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Ethiopian Herald Nov10,2020



ActionAid Ethiopia (AAE) is gender justice, good governance, and poverty eradication organization. It envisions a country where all enjoy their rights equally and live a decent life. Its heart lies on gender equality where it designs its frameworks and operations on women’s and girls’ empowerment and abolishing the root causes of violence against women and girls. Its interventions are guided by the Human Rights-Based Approach, Transformative Feminist Leadership, and Intersectional Feminist Analysis tools. AAE has been implementing programs in Ethiopia under both humanitarian and development contexts for more than 30 years.

ActionAid Ethiopia believes that Gender equality and poverty eradication are achieved through purposeful individual and collective action to bring socio-economic changes from household level to local, national, and international levels. Empowerment of people living in poverty and women leadership with the support of their allies is crucial to drive change that will ensure equality and poverty eradication. Young people endure a very perilous agency in the development and the transformation of Ethiopia, by way of containing substantial demographic composition. The 2018-2023 AAE’s Country Strategy Plan places young people at the center of the desired transformation and influencing the change that the Country requires in the political, social, and economic scenarios.

AAE wants to invite firms that are interested to carry out a study that will combine analog and digital methods at all levels: in the collection of data, in information dissemination, and for advocacy and campaigning at the country level.


Potential firms, as well as individuals having the following competencies/skills and capacities, are eligible to apply for this short-term service

  • The Lead Consultant/Researcher must be a Senior Expert in leading and undertaking assessments/studies particularly on youth-related studies and evaluation of programs/projects.
  • The Lead researcher should hold a minimum of Ph.D./Master’s degree in Social work, psychology, Behavioural Studies, Humanitarian Studies, Economics, or related subject and practical knowledge. Health sector related experience is a plus.
  • Experience in supporting young people in the creation of digital data collection tools using online forms builders i.e Magpi, Google Forms, etc
  • Proven track record in supporting young people with collection, aggregation, and analysis of citizen-generated data from the communities identified by ActionAid Ethiopia
  • Have experience in building the capacity of young people to understand their governments’ COVID 19 budgetary commitments and track expenditure or lack thereof of allocated resources
  • Willing to work with ActionAid Ethiopia to train young people on researchprocesses ranging from the development of research questionnaires, data collection and analysis, as well as budget analysis and budget tracking (as required by ActionAid Ethiopia) in relation to the four thematic priorities MAble to package budget information into youth-friendly materials for dissemination.
  • Experience in analyzing the data together with young people selected by ActionAid to build their capacity in data analysis, budget analysis and budget tracking
  • Work with the selected youth as required on the overall data collection process: identification of research participants, sampling, ensuring informed consent, interviewing, transcription, and uploading of completed data sets
  • The bidder must provide a complete set of the technical and financial separately sealed document with all the necessary documents containing a minimum of two examples of similar studies that have been produced by the applicant in soft copies (this will be treated as confidential and only used for the purposes of quality assurance)
  • The bidders should attach all necessary legal documents including valid license,   vat certificate and TIN registration along with the technical proposal Are committed to meet the deadlines, are equipped with enough resources and qualified professionals to make necessary logistical arrangements and accomplish the work.
  • Must be willing to be guided by AAE HRBA policy, Transformative Feminist Leadership, and Intersectional Feminist Analysis tools.
  • A bidder that qualify the criteria can collect the ToR developed for the purpose from ActionAid Ethiopia Addis Ababa Office Debre Ziet road, inside CCRDA compound (Kality, in front of Kality drivers training center) the dates for the submission of tender documents is within the 10th day from the first publication on The Ethiopian Herald newspaper at or before 3:30 PM (bid closing time).
  • Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding document at ActionAid Ethiopia, Tel: 0114654671
  • The Employer reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

ActionAid Ethiopia

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