Abigata-Shalla Soda Ash S.C.

Fortune Dec6,2020

Bid Invitation for Soda Ash Production COMPLEX from a Natural Brine Lake

Abigata-Shalla Soda Ash S.C. (ASSA), which is engaged in the production of soda ash in Ethiopia, is looking for a company with experience and expertise  that could undertake the establishment of a dense and light soda ash production facility from a natural alkaline brine lake called Lake Shalla. This brine lake is part of the Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes. The concentration and composition of this lake is as shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1: Chemical Composition of Lake Shalla brine

Chemical Name



Na2 CO3



Na 2SO4






Content (%w)








The envisaged annual capacity of the facility to be established shall be 200,000 tons of dense soda ash, about 200,000 tons of light soda ash, and byproducts of about 180,000 tons of industrial grade common salt and about 14,000 tons of sodium fluoride.

The minimum standards of the various products Soda ash(Sodium Carbonate), Industrial salt (Sodium Chloride) and Sodium Fluoride-are given below in Tables 2-1,2-2 and 2-3 respectively

Table 2-1: Standard of Sodium Carbonate for Industrial Use


Name of Component


Dense Soda Ash

Sodium carbonate (Na2 co3-based dry basis)


Sodium Chloride (NaCl-based, dry basis


Sodium Fluoride (NaF)


Light Soda Ash


Sodium Carbonate (Na2Co3-based, dry basis)


Sodium chloride (NaCl-based, dry basis)


Sodium Fluoride (NaF)


 Table 2-2: Quality Standard of Industrial Salt


Name of Component


NaCl % >


Water %


Na2 CO3 %


NaF %


 Table 2-3: Quality Standard of Sodium Fluoride


Name of Component


NaF (Based on Naf mass fraction) % >


Na2Co3 (Based on SiO2, mass fraction) %



For the benefit of the bidder we would like to disclose that, at present, ASSA has a small/pilot soda ash production facility using the brine water of one of the rift valley brine lakes called Lake Abijata. The processes employed here include solar evaporation of the dilute lake brine in a system of series evaporation ponds and is then transferred to crystallization ponds to crystallize the main product, trona. The trona is let to build up in the crystallization ponds up to a certain thickness and the effluent that includes Naci & NaF among other chemicals is then removed leaving behind the trona. The trona, known by its chemical name as sodium sesquicarbonate, is harvested from the crystallization ponds and transported to a nearby processing plant where it is calcined in a  rotary kiln by utilizing heavy fuel oil to produce soda ash.

The bidder can be a general contractor who can secure a technology supplier, a design & engineering firm, and suppliers of: dense/light  soda ash manufacturing equipment, industrial grade common salt processing equipment, sodium fluoride processing equipment, and  auxiliary machinery & equipment.

In short the bidder is an EPC contractor-equivalent (this will be refined during contract negotiations with the successful bidder).

Bidders are encouraged to visit the resource area, i.e. the Rift Valley  Lakes area of Ethiopia. The civil works part should be specified and quoted separately, in case ASSA opts to have the civil works portion to be undertaken by a sister company.

Pleases note that land is available for the facility.

Bidders are expected to give their offers in a sealed envelope (double envelope system for the technical and financial offers separately).

Offers shall be submitted on February 15, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. local time at the following address:

General Manager’s Office

Abijata-Shalla Soda Ash s.c.

Elfora Building, on the way from CMC to Megenagna

Addis Ababa


Tel: (251) 911 642912, (251) 930101280


Opening of technical offers shall take place at 9:00 a.m. local time in the presence of bidders representatives who would like to attend the opening.